The Way of Faith

Format: Paperback
Number of Pages: 28
Publisher: Founders Press
ISBN-10: 0978571126
ISBN-13: 9780978571122

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About the Book:
How does a person become a Christian? How do you answer this question? Some say that a moral life makes one a Christian. Others declare that joining a church or being baptized makes a person a Christian. Still others call for a person to “make a decision” or “pray the prayer” or “ask Jesus into your heart”. While opinions may be important, the one vital thing when speaking of one becoming a Christian is what does God say in His Word. The Way of Faith can help you on the journey to understanding the Christian faith. Each section ends with questions for personal study or group discussions.

About the Author:
Dr. Phil A. Newton (M. Div., New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, D. Min., Fuller Theological Seminary,) has served as senior pastor at South Woods Baptist Church in Memphis, Tennessee since 1987. He and his wife, Karen, have five children.

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